Cobalt 60 - twelve

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For the days and for the nights
For having been who you were
For the laughters and the smiles
And for your hand in my hand

Ontario Hydro produces cobalt-60 in the control rods of twelve power reactors. These reactors have a typical flux of 2 X 10 14 neutrons/cm 2 /s, making them efficient producers of cobalt-60. Current annual production is 45 million curies. Since the primary function of these reactors is the production of electricity, their flexibility to meet the needs of commercial cobalt production by the control rod route is limited. Ontario Hydro is therefore developing innovative production techniques, making use of the CANDU reactor's unique ability to be fuelled on-power. These techniques will enable production to better respond to the market's requirements for quantity and specific activity. As it is supplementary to control rod production, annual supply could potentially reach 165 million curies.

AUZ’s recent placement to international institutional investors was oversubscribed by almost three times the initial amount sought — a crystal-clear endorsement of the high-calibre nature of its projects and nimble development strategy.

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Cobalt 60 - TwelveCobalt 60 - TwelveCobalt 60 - TwelveCobalt 60 - Twelve